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Indispensable Factors For Hand-Picking A Dentist Near You

If you grumble over the inconveniences of a routine dental check-up and ignore your dental health, it will deteriorate in the future. Hence, it is vital to visit a dentist systematically. Choosing the finest local dentist in Moreno Valley, like Dr. Ted, who practices at Image Dentistry, will make it all the more convenient. Read on to gather the necessary information that will help you pick out an excellent dentist near you.

Here are a few tips on hand-picking the right dentist near you:

  1. The location factor:

    It is essential to find a dental clinic that is located near your home or on the way to your office. A dentist near you makes regular dental check-ups easier. Check whether the office hours of the dentist matches your convenience as well. You can save time, resources and energy.

  2. Experience shines through:

    You must find a dentist in Moreno Valley who is an experienced and affable professional. The local dentist you hand-pick will become an integral part of your health routine, and hence it is pivotal whom you choose. Dr. Ted Im and his team at Image Dentistry are seasoned professionals adept at performing comprehensive dental examinations.

  3. The insurance quotient:

    When you are covered by the right dental insurance, dental expenses can be managed effectively. Many emergency dental issues that can be very expensive are covered by some dental insurance providers. Check whether the local dentist is listed by the same insurance provider.

  4. A holistic dental health approach:

    A local dentist who is trained to offer both conventional and alternative modes of dental care falls within the bracket of holistic dental care providers. It includes the usage of biocompatible components, offering nutritional counseling, discouraging redundant treatment procedures, safe amalgam removal methods etc. Get to know if your local dentist is a comprehensive practitioner or not.

  5. Laboratories and materials:

    The local dentist has to employ the finest biocompatible components for providing restorative treatments. These materials are intentionally made healthy to prevent any adverse reactions in your body and mouth. The restorations provided by your local dentist in Moreno Valley must be functional and fit with a greater lifespan.

  6. Technologically competent:

    Apart from professional training, being adept at the best available technology is a yardstick to fix a local dentist in Moreno Valley. Preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental care is made more efficient with the use of technology. But the blind usage of technology sans any concern for the needs of the patient can prove detrimental.


If you are in Moreno Valley and require a local dentist, Dr. Ted Im who practices at Image Dentistry must be your first choice. The expert team led by Dr. Ted fits all the criteria mentioned above. Explore their website; submit the contact form and avail their service today!

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