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Emergency Dentistry


Emergency dentistry

Dental emergencies are undesirable situations, where the patient requires immediate dental care. If not treated in time, an emergency dental condition can worsen and have long-term effects. At Image Dentistry Office located in Moreno Valley, CA, we make sure that patients receive the essential dental treatments when they are badly in need of it. Our dentists firstly relieve patients from pain and discomfort. We focus on taking steps that can cure the root cause of the problem, minimizing the possibilities of dental emergencies in the future. Toothache chipped tooth, and knocked out tooth are some of the common dental emergencies we treat. Just call our office, and we will help you with the necessary dental treatment.

Emergency dentistry treatment – Why is it essential?

Any situation can be termed as an emergency dental condition when it causes serious damage/harm to teeth, gums, or lips, and poses a threat to the existence of the tooth. There are different types of emergency dental situations. Emergency dentistry treatment is aimed at quickly relieving patients from pain and taking necessary steps to protect or restore the tooth or gums. Some of the steps taken during emergency conditions prove to be crucial for the survival of the tooth/teeth that are damaged. Without proper dental care during an emergency, the condition may worsen causing more pain and leading to teeth loss.

Dental emergencies – Things to know

The first and foremost tip to patients during a dental emergency is to not panic. This can help them take steps that can bring down pain and positively aid the treatment. There are several types of dental emergencies.

Knocked tooth:

A tooth that is knocked out during an accident can be put back in place by the patient or by the emergency dentist. If it is taken to the dental office within an hour. The patient should pick the knocked out tooth, and clean any dust from the crown without disturbing its root. The tooth can be put back in the socket carefully and left to heal. If the patient is unable to put it back in the place he/she can save it in the vestibule and rush to the dentist at the earliest.

Chipped tooth:

A chipped tooth can be restored using dental materials. The mode of treatment depends on the extent to which the tooth has been chipped. If the pulp of the tooth is damaged from the accident, a root canal treatment may be necessary to protect it. Otherwise, restorations such as dental veneers, or inlays and Onlays may be sufficient.


Tooth decay is one of the common causes of toothache. Improper maintenance of oral hygiene and a sugary diet can increase the chances of tooth decay. When a patient is suffering from severe toothache for more than a day, it is advisable to visit a dentist. Pain medicines can help reduce pain until the dental visit. At the Image Dentistry dental office, the dentist takes the necessary steps to remove the infected part of the tooth and restore it.

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