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Will Teeth Whitening Work Well With Dental Crowns?

No one likes displaying tarnished, stained, or spotty teeth and hiding away from speaking in public. Teeth whitening can help clean the teeth and remove stubborn stains from the surface. It is a very effective treatment. In our previous blog, we have explained the 3 tips to consider before visiting a dental office in Moreno Valley for teeth whitening. Read along to know how teeth whitening works with dental crowns.

Dental Crowns and Teeth Whitening in Moreno Valley:

But if you have already got dental crown treatment done, it is imperative to consult a dentist before opting for the teeth whitening process. So, if you have any queries regarding opting for teeth whitening after affixing dental crowns, consult Dr. Ted Im at Image Dentistry.

Is It Possible To Get Teeth Whitened With Dental Crowns in Moreno Valley?

Before going for teeth whitening in Moreno Valley treatment, it is important to inform the dentist about your dental crowns. Sometimes, patients have no choice but to go for dental crowns to stop further progress of dental decay. It becomes essential as without dental crowns, teeth get weakened.

Failing to do so can result in pulpitis. To avoid this painful situation, it is important to go for dental crowns. Your dentist is the best specialist who can let you know if you can go for teeth whitening after dental crowns.

Search online with the keywords "the best dental clinic near me Moreno Valley", and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ted Im at Image Dentistry.

3 Reasons Your Dentist in Moreno Valley Suggest Avoiding Teeth Whitening After Dental Crowns:

Let us understand why?

  1. Material of Dental Crown:

    The first factor that is considered before taking this decision is because of the dental crown material. These dental crowns in Moreno Valley can be made of ceramic, stainless steel, gold, porcelain or resin-based materials. These materials may be the best alternative to protect against further injuries or decay of teeth, but they can pose many teeth whitening problems.

  2. Bonding problem

    The chemicals and agents used for teeth whitening cannot bond with crowns as they can do with real teeth. As a result, the crowns and teeth look very dissimilar. Ask your dentist in Moreno Valley about this and follow his guidance.

  3. Intrinsic or extrinsic stains

    The third factor that the dentist will check is whether a patient has intrinsic or extrinsic stains. You need to visit a dental office in Moreno Valley and get the stains checked. Extrinsic stains are fairly easy to remove, but intrinsic stains are permanent and occur due to age-related and heredity factors. It is very tough to get rid of them. Trying to clean them can leave the crowns and teeth mismatched. It is better to consult a seasoned dentist for a convincing solution.

Who Is the Finest Dentist Near Me Moreno Valley?

Perform a search with the keywords, "dentist near me Moreno Valley" or "dentist office near me Moreno Valley". The top results will display the name of Dr. Ted Im at Image Dentistry. This way, you will be able to access quality dental services and get the best guidance easily. Browse through the website of Image Dentistry to gather more information regarding their services and to check the testimonials. Dial us at 951-242-6242 for a conversation.

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