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What Is the Difference Between a Dental Clinic and a Dental Office?

We often use the terms dental office and dental clinic interchangeably because we lack proper information on the differences between the two. There is no longer any need to get confused because the two terms are, in fact, different. In our previous blog we have given 5 tips to choose the right dental office in Moreno Valley. Moreover, it is pertinent to note that many dental offices also have dental clinics as part of their establishments. Dr. Ted Im is a renowned dentist in Moreno Valley at Image Dentistry and is known to treat various dental ailments and issues.

5 Differences between a Dental Clinic and Dental Office in Moreno Valley:

Here are a few differences that will help you make the concept clear.

  1. Establishment:

    For the uninitiated, when you search with these keywords like "dental clinic near me Moreno Valley" on the net, the results will display places where an expert and experienced dentist perform dental procedures and oral health treatments. The place is well-equipped with various, highly advanced dental equipment and tools.

    Most importantly, a dental clinic may be a part of a dental office where the dentist gives consultation to the patient. A dental office in Moreno Valley is predominantly a business entity where the staff and dentist handle clerical tasks and financial matters. Their day-to-day operations include accounts payable and receivable, insurance claims, patient records, etc. It is equally important to note that not all dental offices may have a dental clinic as part of operations.

  2. Experience:

    The experience of getting consultation and treatment at a dental office or a dental clinic near you in Moreno Valley may differ a lot in numerous ways.

  3. Services:

    A patient has to visit a dental office in Moreno Valley to seek cosmetic treatments. Whereas dental services like fillings, checkups, root canals, etc., can be availed from an expert dentist at a dental clinic. Patients can also reach out to a dental clinic for emergency after-hours dental care and services. On the other hand, dental offices usually stick to more traditional hours.

  4. Cost:

    State-of-the-art technology is used in many dental offices, which hikes the cost of services available with them compared to a dental clinic. Thus, getting consultation and treatment at a dental clinic is more affordable. When you search for the "dentist office near me Moreno Valley" you will come across many options. Choose the one that provides high-end services at cost-effective rates.

  5. Waiting Areas:

    The waiting area provided by most dental clinics is very small or lacking altogether. The dentist in Moreno Valley tries to provide consultation and treatment to the patients as quickly as possible. On the other hand, dental offices have reception areas where they work to keep their patients comfortable.

Who is The Best Dentist Near Me in Moreno Valley?

If you're searching for a dental clinic search for best dental clinic near me in Moreno Valley and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ted Im at Image Dentistry by visiting the clinic’s website. He is the finest dentist in Moreno Valley! Check out patient testimonials and services offered by them. For more information call us at 951-242-6242 and schedule an appointment today.

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