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Seven Indications Conveying That You Require a Periodontist

A perfectly white smile helps to make a lasting impression on people. It is important to keep your teeth and gums healthy to avoid any dental problems that can likely affect your smile. In our previous blog, we have explained 6 measures to take while visiting a dentist in Moreno Valley during Covid-19. However, if you are looking for the right place to start with dental care, perform a search on the internet with the keywords: 'dentist Moreno Valley', 'dental office Moreno Valley' or simply visit Image Dentistry in Moreno Valley, California today. Before you begin the search for a periodontist, we have listed out some signs and symptoms to visit a periodontist immediately.

7 Signs and Symptoms to Visit Periodontist in Moreno Valley:

  1. Bleeding Gums:

    One of the most obvious signs of periodontal disease is bleeding gums. If you are constantly facing issues of bleeding or irritated gums after brushing or flossing, you must visit a dental clinic near you in Moreno Valley and get consulted by experts.

  2. Pregnancy:

    With fluctuating levels of hormones during pregnancy, there are chances that it can lead to swelling or bleeding in the gums. Hence, visiting a periodontist can help you prevent these issues.

  3. Loose Teeth:

    In case you have one or two missing teeth, you must take professional help from a periodontist in Moreno Valley to ensure that it does not lead to any complications.

  4. Difficulties in Chewing and Swallowing:

    If you find yourself in a difficult position while chewing or swallowing food, it can be due to changes in the bite pattern. Reaching out for some professional help at the earliest can help you keep your tooth intact with your gums.

  5. Bad Breath:

    In case you have persistent bad breath, it is a sign that there can be growing bacteria in your gum region and mouth. You must visit a dentist near you in Moreno Valley and get yourself checked immediately.

  6. Sensitive Tooth:

    If your teeth hurt or you feel sensitive while consuming hot or cold foods and beverages, there are chances that your gums are vulnerable. Since your gums are exposing more of your roots, you must ensure that you start taking treatment at the earliest.

  7. Receding Gums:

    It's high time you must visit a dentist office near you in Moreno Valley, in case you have receding gums. This is one of the early signs of gum disease and if left unchecked it can cause your gums to pull away from your teeth.

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