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4 Reasons You Should Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Most people often visit dentists to cure oral-care emergencies. When you feel excruciating pain in your teeth, or have sensitivity, gum inflammation, bleeding, tooth decay or a broken tooth, you think of an emergency dentist visit to a dental office. However, emergency dentistry is different from general dentistry. You can appoint an emergency dentist for urgent dental-care needs. But apart from that, regular dental check-ups are essential. In our previous blog, we have explained how often you should visit a dentist in Moreno Valley? However, you should go for a routine oral examination once or twice every year, even if you don’t have any dental problems. Routine dental checkups are a must in order to ensure good oral health.

4 Reasons to Visit Dental Clinic Near Me Moreno Valley for Check-Ups:

  1. Prevent Cavities:

    We tend to gorge on a lot of sugary food. Carbonated drinks, ice-creams, juices, processed foods and chocolates are personal favorites for many of us. Such junk food causes tooth decay and erodes the tooth enamel.

    These lead to cavities, which are small accumulation of dental plaque at the roots of the teeth. Cavities create small holes on the teeth. Cavities gradually cause tooth plaque and finally tartar, which is an extreme dental health condition. This may require tooth removal or a painful extraction.

    Going to a dentist office near you in Moreno Valley regularly will ensure that there are no potential cavity build-ups and your teeth are safe.

  2. Detect Oral Cancer:

    With our current lifestyle we are more prone to get oral cancer. Chain smokers and people who constantly chew tobacco are more likely prone to oral cancer. Trauma, injury or heavy medication can also lead to oral cancer. Regular dental visits will detect cancer possibilities at the early stages.

  3. Check Gum Issues:

    Like your teeth, gum health is also very important. Cavities and plaque affect the gums as well. This happens when the gum connected to your tooth is infected with tartar. The gums get loose and gradually the tissues attached to the gums of the teeth wear off. At this stage, you may have gum bleeding, inflammation and soreness. This infection is called gingivitis.

    A regular checkup at a dental clinic near you in Moreno Valley will ensure that your gums and the bones are safe and healthy.

  4. Check Jawbone:

    On your regular dental visits, the dentist may ask you to take X-rays to detect the health of your jawbone and to know the status of your wisdom teeth. Bone decay, tumors, cysts, etc. are also diagnosed using X-ray imaging.


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